Script Breaking Services

Need a line producer to create a budget, schedule and cash flow report in order to shop your script to potential partners? We’re here to help.

Who we are:

With a combined 30 years of experience working on everything from multi-million dollar studio shows to independent feature films and web series, Jennessa West and Jason Richert have the experience to help you prepare for packaging by creating the tools you’ll need to present when reaching out to production companies, producers and financiers. 

What we do:

We offer support for feature films, documentaries, web and episodic TV series. Each client will walk away with a detailed budget, elements report, preliminary schedule and estimated cash flow report derived from their script. 

Our process:

  1. Fill out the attached intake form and let us know a little about your script. Within a few days, we'll be in touch to discuss our services, pricing structure, and give you a timeline on the deliverables should you wish to move forward. 
  2. Clients will put down a deposit, and set up a time to speak with two representatives who will be responsible for breaking down the schedule and budget. We'll discuss rebate/incentive options, and other budgeting assumptions.
  3. We'll complete the schedule and send it to you for your approval.
  4. Once the schedule is approved, we'll create the budget and send it to you for your feedback and any notes.
  5. We'll then talk on the phone and use a shared computer screen to go over the budget line by line and make any adjustments in real time. By the end of the call, you will have a concrete understanding of how much will be needed to make the film, how much time it will take and when the money needs to come in so that you can move out of development and into pre-production. 

Start to finish, the breakdown and deliverable process takes about 2-4 weeks from the time we agree to work together.

Deliverables Include:

  • Budget (Movie Magic)

  • Shooting Schedule (Movie Magic)

  • Day out of Days 

  • Elements Report

  • Cash Flow Report

You should reach out to us when:

  • You have a draft of your script that's ready to be seen by potential partners

  • You have a good sense of where you’d like to shoot, but need help with rebate strategies

  • You'd like to have more information in order to entice a producer, EP, or production company in order to create partnerships that will push your film forward. 

  • You have capital to create a film, but need to see if it will work at your intended budget level. 

Please keep in mind, having a nearly complete shooting script that you're happy with is of the utmost importance in order to get the best value out of our services. Small things can (and always will) change, but make sure you're happy with the overall arc, locations and characters before sending your script on to us. We want to make sure the tools we create are things you can realistically use when pitching your film. 

What does the service cost?

Our typical fee for a feature film script is $2,500-3,500. 

Each breakdown includes 2 edit sessions derived from the same script. Every script is somewhat different, and in some cases adjustments will be made in order to account for non-standard scenarios such as extensive visual effects or stunt sequencing breakdowns. Smaller scripts are also welcome, and prices vary accordingly. If you would like a few different budgets and/or scheduling scenarios, we can build this for you at an additional cost, as well. Scripted TV series breakdowns are also available. We’ll give you a quote in writing after our initial consultation. 

Ready to get started?

Contact for a consultation.

About the team:

Jennessa and Jason bring a wide range of skills to the table when breaking your script. One loves independent features with a “do more with less” attitude, and the other likes to wrestle with bigger budget projects that can potentially travel to find incentives. Whatever your project entails – we can handle it!

Jennessa West is an independent film and commercial producer. Jennessa started her career working for Warner Brothers Television and later CBS and the FX Channel in episodic hourlong television. During her career she spent time as an art department accountant, first assistant accountant, and she's managed payroll for over 100 independent contractors and union hires. 

Jennessa is especially fond of producing and consulting on scrappy scripts under the $5M budget level. She can help you make smart financial decisions that won’t tax your crew or sabotage your post-production and marketing goals after the film has been shot. 

Jason Richert has traveled the country with his stand-up desk for 15 years helping to budget or pay forward nearly 300 episodes of hourlong network television.

He has spent most of his time at the $3M+ budget level as a scripted series production accountant and payroll accountant for studios such as Warner Bros., NBC Universal, Mirimax, Telepictures and Warner Horizon Scripted Television. From pilots to features to 22 episode series; he’s done it.

He specializes in state and world-wide film incentives and can recommend and budget incredible places to shoot around the globe.