Here's what our clients have to say...

"We hired Pressing Pictures to help explain our business to our potential clients by telling a story.  Jennessa and her crew were full of great ideas, and made it easy for a non-actor to be at ease in front of a camera. The outcome was perfect and were thrilled to have another way to convey to potential customers what we do and expand our brand."  Beth Baker, Running Evolution 


"The moment I came on set, I felt reassured and encouraged by the crew. They held a respectful, safe place while I explored the depth and movement of my poem. They waited patiently for the moment the poem authentically surfaced out of my mouth and captured the true essence, heart and depth of my performance beautifully.  Without Pressing Pictures and the video they created for me, I don’t think Us and Them would have ever been a complete poem. They captured moments that could not have been caught without a poetic eye and heart. Pressing Pictures made a missing part in the poem complete.  The video is stunning and feels like a complete work of art." Jodie Knowles, Performance Artist/Poet 

"With my video from Pressing Pictures as the face of my website, I am able to introduce myself to customers and tell them the story behind my business in a way that I was not able to achieve through writing. My business is one where I work with people in a personal way.  So my expectations were exceeded when I had clients come in to meet me for the first time and say they felt like they already knew me from watching the video." Stephanie Tomczak Selle, With These Rings 


"Wow, who knew what the magic of editing can do (including removing a "restroom" sign)? I can't say enough to thank you and your team for the amazing work on our first video. With only a week to plan the shoot, you guys did an amazing job with the lighting, sound and editing. I loved the regular communication through BaseCamp. Even with me being in Cambodia, I never felt out of the loop! We really enjoyed the whole process and we're looking forward to our next project with your team!" Matthew Fairfax, Justice and Soul Foundation