Frequently Asked Questions 

I want help with a promotional or commercial video. How does this work? Where do I start? 

Have a look at our process then give us a call or send an email. We'll go over your video needs, talk about your product, discuss your timeline and start cooking up ideas. Next we'll meet in person to lock in a proof-of-concept, script and shoot date(s). After the shoot, you'll receive a rough and then a fine cut of the video which will agree with the proof of concept, we'll make a round of changes, and huzzah! Your video is ready to go. We'll even upload it onto your website or desired video platform.

Why do I need a video? 

Studies have shown the average consumer prefers to have you show and tell them about you and your services rather than making them trudge through a website with lots of text. Video is a powerful tool that can show your clients exactly what you do and who you are. You'll see results in traffic on your website and notice that your potential customers are sticking around after viewing the video to see what else you can do. Check out our testimonial page and read about the results our clients are experiencing after working with us.

We need an in-house video team. Can you help? 

Absolutely. You're what we refer to as our anchor clients and these special people receive a 5% discount on all video packages and they get first priority when it comes to booking shoot dates. All you have to do is commit to five or more edited videos within an 18 month period to qualify for the discount. The more we know about your company - the better we can help you solve marketing problems and create solutions with media.

Will you write a script for my video? 

Yes. We will always have a script or an interview outline and a proof-of-concept for each client. It's the roadmap that's needed before we can start shooting. A script will also save you money by keeping everyone on message and on the same page.

I don't want to be on camera. Can you find someone to perform in the video? 

Absolutely. We're well connected with casting directors and agents here in Seattle and beyond. We'll make sure to connect the right on-camera or voice talent with your video. 

I do want to be on camera, but I'm shy. Help! 

In most cases, it's best to feature the business owner or the people who have developed a product during a promotional shoot. It helps the viewer get to know the company and it helps to make your personal story shine and connect people to your product. At the same time, we realize this can be a little daunting to those who are not used to being on camera. We have two outstanding on-camera coaches ready to help you deliver a fantastic performance on the day of your shoot. If you're feeling ready but a little rusty, not to worry. We're a very patient bunch and have worked with many business owners who are new to this. We have lots of tricks to keep you focused and relaxed on the day of your shoot. Bottom line: if you're passionate about what you do or what you offer, it will show on camera. It's our job to show you and your product in the best light possible.

How long does it take it take to produce a video? 

From our phone conversation to the final video, it usually takes between 3-4 weeks. This may vary depending on schedules and how quickly documents and videos can be reviewed. We'll set a project schedule and a clear deadline after our one-on-one consultation. 

I needed a video yesterday. How quickly can you turn this around? 

If we can quickly come up with an approved proof-of-concept and start shooting right away, a 2-4 minute video can be ready in as little as two weeks. It depends on our workload and a few other variables, but if you're eager, we'll do what we can to make it happen. Rush fees apply.

How much does does a promotional video cost? 

Take a look at our rate sheet. Pricing depends on your video concept, how many locations we'll be shooting, how many days we'll be on set, how many on-camera actors you'd like to have, etc. We'll give you an estimate during our initial phone conversation and finalize the amount after the proof-of-concept meeting. 

I hear you give discounts to not-for-profit companies. 

True! Let us know if you're a registered non-profit organization and we'll give you 5% off your first video package. All of us on the Pressing Pictures team have deep roots in the non-profit world, and we're all about giving back to the community we came from!

What if I want many videos? Do you offer any discounts? 

Will your company need more than 5 videos over the next 18 months? Bundle your sessions, edits and content to save on your overall invoice. Call us for a quote.

What if I want to buy airtime and make this into a commercial? Are these videos broadcast ready and web ready? 

Yes. Let us know your intent to broadcast your video and we can help you keep it to time and within broadcast legality.

Do you segment produce? 

Yep. Need something around the Pacific Northwest and beyond? We produce, shoot, edit, upload and/or FedEx footage back to you quickly. 

I'm not located in Seattle, but I like your work. Do you travel? 

Sure. We're passport-ready and know the ins-and-outs of getting our equipment through customs. 

I'm an actor. Can I send you my headshot and resume? 

We love actors! However, we don't keep this information on file. We work with the main casting directors and agencies here in Seattle when casting for a commecial, so be sure to send your information on to them. 

I want to work on your crew. How do I inquire? 

We love fellow filmmakers. Send us an email with your production resume. It's helpful if you add your desired crew position in the subject line. i.e RE: Grip for hire.